Retiring Soon

Are you retiring soon and still need to file a claim for an injury at work? Are you concerned that you will not receive the full benefits that you are entitled to? If this sounds like it could be your situation, then we are the law firm you want to call. At Whiting & Cotter, LLP, we specialize in workers' compensation cases for safety workers, such as firefighters. We have the tools and knowledge to help you with your cases, whether it is with filing a claim, learning about your disability rights, or going to court. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation so we can explain the process to you. We are only paid if your claim is successful, so we are affordable to a wide range of budgets. Our office is located at 1851 East First Street in Santa Ana, CA and we work with clients throughout the greater area, such as Corona, Garden Grove, and Rancho Cucamonga.

When you work with us at Whiting & Cotter, LLP, you will get experienced lawyers who really know what it takes to get the job done right. Your lawyer will listen closely to you so we fully understand your specific situation and can personalize our service to you. You will be kept informed throughout the entire process, and we will make it go as smoothly as possible. We know you will be happy with the quality of our service at Whiting & Cotter, LLP.

If you are retiring soon and are concerned about your compensation, reach out to us at Whiting & Cotter, LLP. We are ready to listen to your case and help in any way we can. We are in Santa Ana, CA and take clients throughout the region, such as San Bernardino, Irvine, and Moreno Valley. Call us at Whiting & Cotter, LLP today.