Possible Lifetime Payments

Depending on your injury at work, you may be eligible for possible lifetime payments to cover your medical condition. The process to apply for this can be daunting if you don't have experience. That is why we are here for you at Whiting & Cotter, LLP. Workers' injury claims are our specialty and we have provided our services to the local community for many years. If you want to file a disability claim because you were injured on the job, contact us so we can walk you through the process. We will represent you from the start to finish so you can feel confident you will get the full benefit for your claim. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation in our Santa Ana office. You will find that we are convenient to all areas of southern California, such as Garden Grove, CA, Moreno Valley, and Irvine.

At Whiting & Cotter, LLP, we want you to know that we are behind you when you want to fight for your legal right to receive possible lifetime payments after your major injury. We know that each case is unique, so we will take the time needed to go over your case with you so we can deliver personalized advice. We will try to settle out of court, but if a trial is needed, we will represent you. Our lawyers are educated, trained, and experienced, so you know you will receive the best quality work. This is our guarantee to you from us at Whiting & Cotter, LLP.

For top quality legal assistance from a law firm known for its focus on workers' compensation, we encourage you to speak with us at Whiting & Cotter, LLP. We are ready to listen. Whether you have been injured in Garden Grove, San Bernardino, Riverside, or another part of the overall vicinity, we can help you, so don't hesitate to call. Get the help you need today.